Electro Plasma Welding Machines: Advice to the wise about MIG and TIG machines

Inverter technology is a voltage conversion system which applied to welding makes compact power sources with low energy consumption. Inverter based constant direct current power sources use the latest knowledge of Electronics technology applied to welding. While selecting one, it is wise to purchase a well-known one having superior quality. Deciding which one is suitable for your company depends on the precision of weld required, time allocated for setup, utilization and initial cost. There are several benefits and fallbacks to using TIG and MIG welding, depending on your facility’s needs.

MIG welding machines stands for metal inert gas welding machines.  MIG combines two pieces of metal together with a consumable wire connected to an electrode current. A wire passes through the welding gun at the same time as the inert gas. The inert gas protects the electrode from contaminants. MIG welding is known for its quickness in producing welds. These machines set up takes less time and are easy to automate. Equipment is more accessible and costs less for MIG welding.

TIG welding machines stands for tungsten inert gas welding machines. It is a very good procedure for non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. TIG welding process is used to avert the impurity of the electrode when the arc is initiated by short circuiting with the work piece. The electrodes used in this process are made up of tungsten or thoriated tungsten. A high frequency, high voltage, low amperage current supply is often used in TIG welding to initiate the arc. These machines do not require filler material. Autogenously welds are most commonly used when welding thinner materials.


Interested in automating a MIG or TIG welding operation?  Electro Plasma Inverter welding machines is here to help. Our highly-trained staff can assist you in deciding which application is right for you. They Electro Plasma Inverter welding machines can also help you design and fabricate your MIG or TIG welding system.

Electro Plasma Inverter welding machines are good to use, portable, uncomplicated mechanism with high quality integrated electronic power source using IGBT technology and adaptable for beginners and saves energy about 60%. Electro Plasma Inverter welding machines are engineered to meet highest standard for safety and reliability. Electro Plasma Inverter welding machines are suitable for Indian working system in terms of humidity, dust, temperature and voltage fluctuations to complete the job.

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