All you need to know about the Arc Welding process and its equipments:

Welding is a process used everyday for the alteration processes:- arc, resistance, laser, electronic beam, stud and the orbital welding. Weld controllers are essential to guide the processes used by these tools. AIRPLASMA WELDING EQUIPMENTS also perform as an aid to welding control source. There is also wide range system for cutting machine, torch,feeders, cables, robots and feeders.

Air Plasma Arc Welding procedure and its equipments:

Arc welding is a process where power supply is utilized to generate an electric arc between the base material and an electrode, for melting the metals at the welding point. Air plasma Arc welding equipments can be used and direct current or alternating current, and consumable or non-consumable electrodes. Shielding gas guards welding region using some inert or semi-inert gas and evaporate wadding material. The procedure of arc welding is broadly known for low capital and running costs.

MIG AND TIG welding are the two common specifications of Arc Welding. MIG is also an acronym as MAG (metal active gas welding) and known as one of the most popular arc welding process. MIG welding equipments are used in different types of gas such as pure carbon dioxide, argon gas and  sometime merge of both to complete the process.


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