Steady technique guidance about mechanism of Air Plasma cutting machine, metals that can be cut, advantages and disadvantages of Air Plasma cutters:

Familiarity about how Air plasma cutting machines works and what makes not to function smoothly is critical for convenient operation. Here, is the essential technical guidance for our customers in order to induct your cutting process without any hitch.  The procedure of air plasma cutting gets initiated with direct current, straight polarity (dcsp), negative electrode with constricted transferred arc. An arc is struck between the electrode in the torch and work-piece. The arc is inserted by a pilot arc between the electrode and the constricting nozzle. The nozzle is linked to ground through a current limiting resistor and a pilot arc relay contact. The pilot arc is instituted by a high frequency generator attached to the electrode and nozzle. This low current arc inside the torch is managed by the welding power.  Through the pilot arc, the ionized gas is blown through the nozzle forming a low resistance path in order to ignite the main arc between the electrode and the workpiece. When the main arc is ignited, the pilot arc gets open automatically to ward off the unnecessary heating of the constricted nozzle. As plasma constricting nozzle is exposed to the high plasma flare temperatures (10,000 to 14000 degree Celsius), the noozle should be water cooled copper. The torch is inserted in a way to create boundary of gas between the plasma and the nozzle. Keep in mind that your cut will be de-rated a little with the softer metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless. Rating refers to the thickness a plasma cutter can cut at a rate of 10 Inches per Minute.

You can cut these metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon alloys
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • High nickel
  • Magnesium
  • high steel
  • Nickel alloys
  • Stainless steel


air plasma
air plasma

Advantages of Air Plasma Cutting Machines:

Air Plasma cutters has innumerable advantages over oxyfuel. It does not require pre-heat cycle and can be cut at ease. It has a small and precise kerf width which prevents the surroundings from any damage. Plasma cutters have capability to cut any electrical conductive metal whereas oxyfuel process cannot cut the same. Plasma cutting is the most convenient process as it provides you cleaner, less expensive and efficient power saving capability. The other advantages of Electro AirPlasma cutters as as follows:-

  • Power saves upto 60%
  • Best power factor (0.9)
  • Prolonged durability of parts
  • Less operating costs
  • Highly reliable
  • CNC/Robotic interface
  • Cutting speed of Plasma machine is much faster than oxy fuel process.
  • Cutting speed of Plasma machine is much faster than oxy fuel process.

Disadvantages of Air Plasma Cutting Machines:

Plasma cutters are restricted to cut the metals upto 160mm for dry cutting and about 120mm for underwater cutting. The other disadvantages of plasma cutters are as follows:-

  • Depends on clean air sources
  • Non-portable as it needs electricity to operate
  • No cost effective for thick steel
  • High rise of electric shock if not working appropriately

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