Key Guidance of Spot Welding Technique:

This is a basic guide on how to weld metal using spot welding technique.

 Slide the sheet metal gauge onto one edge of the sheet metal to determine the thickness of the metal.

 Set the hold, weld, squeeze and off-time of the spot welder by locating the thickness of the sheet metal on the welding chart affixed to the spot welder.

 Clean the tips of both the top and bottom electrode by sliding the file over each tip. To weld correctly, the tip of each electrode must have no carbon deposits.

 Wear leather work gloves.

 Turn on the spot welder and open the cold water supply valve to flow water through the electrodes.

 Place the two pieces of metal sheet on top of one another

 Set the pieces of metal sheet on the bottom electrode of the spot welder

 Press the pedal of the spot welder to lower the top jaw of the spot welder and weld the sheet metal

 Twist the welded sheet metal a quarter – turn before releasing the pedal to avoid pulling a welding electrode from its socket.

 Attempt to pull the metal sheet apart. If the metal bends, the spot welder is set correctly. If the spot welds breaks, increase the weld time of the spot welder and repeat the listed steps until a proper spot welding is conducted efficiently.

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