User’s guide on electrodes while initiating Welding process:

Electrodes are used in welding to transmit electrical energy to the metal that requests to be welded. Welding electrodes have change since the process of welding was industrial with carbon arc welding, but different other evolutionary processes, the former electrode types are still in use today.

Carbon Electrodes:-

Welding in progress with the carbon arc electrodes. Carbon electrodes are detained in a stinger and are the softest kind of welding electrode. This has difficulty that has ended carbon electrodes the least common type of electrode used today. The yielding make-up of carbon electrodes leads to weld contamination and a high use rate.

Resistance Electrodes:-

Resistance welding spot welding uses two copper electrodes and no inert gas to combine metals jointly. Copper electrodes are yielding, other than last longer then carbon electrodes. With each resistance weld a small quantity of the copper electrode is put down on the work piece.

Stick Welding:-

Stick welding electrodes are containing two components. The center rod conducts the electricity to the weld exterior, but dissimilar other electrodes, the interior rod are the filler rod used to fill the weld gap.The center filler rod/electrode is bounded by a hard outer coating, when the stick electrode is heated the hard coating melts and seals the weld from contamination.

Tungsten electrodes:-

Tungsten electrodes are the hardest of all welding electrodes and this categorize them as a non-consumable. Little or no tungsten electrode is set down into the weld, except by welder error. The hard nature of tungsten is used to its fullest benefit in TIG welding.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding has a fast heat cycle and is used in state of affairs that require a solid sealed weld.


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