Selecting a welding kit

According to the Provision and Use of Work Regulations 1998, it is criteria for the welders to keep the following things in mind while choosing the equipment about the risks involved while using that equipment that can harm surroundings, health of the people around the workplace. So, while selecting a welding kit, know the effect the poor handling equipment can have:

  • Peculiar pain caused by injuries
  • The economical burden of ailment non attendance
  • Diminished output
  • Elevated insurance premiums
  • The welder being incapable to return to this type of job; which would spoil their probable forthcoming gain Cutting down injuries caused by managing the welding equipment will help everybody.

Here are some appropriate feature designs to view for when choosing between welding sets with the same power output:

  • Does the set have to be carried? Determine controlled pushing or pulling of the load instead of lifting and carrying
  • How easily can the load be grasped?


Health and safety guidelines:

Are the handles favourable?

  • Can the load be carried close to the body (ignore sharp corners, jagged edges, rough surfaces, etc)
  • Is it well balanced?

Other considerations should be taken into considerations:

  • Handle orientation
  • Easy to perform pushing/pulling
  • Axle types
  • Size of wheels
  • Wear and maintenance of wheels/ tyres
  • Consequences of torch; wire feed, hoses, gas bottles etc on the managing features of the welding kit

The archive of this blog will help you to select the right welding set.

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