Welding Techniques: Arc Welding and Spot Welding

Now-a-days, welding has become a core necessity of many people’s life. As many welding machines are now available in the market, we will discuss about the welding techniques which are gaining popularity in the present competitive market conditions.

1) Arc Welding Techniques

2) Spot Welding Techniques

Arc Welding Techniques:-

Normally arc welding is done by making use of a diesel welder. In this welding technique, process requires high electric voltage rather than a gas torch. The arc, or the spark, created from the electrode rod, is transformed from one metal to the other metal. This in return, heats up the metal and melts together creating a bond or a weld amongst them. Arc welding techniques are known for a clean, smooth, accurate and stronger weld.

air plasma
air plasma

Spot Welding Techniques:-

In Spot Welding technique, the two metals are held together tightly by the electrodes. The surface area of the contact between the electrodes and the materials is very small. When a large amount of heat is passed through the electrodes, it heats up the spots to the point of melting, which results into a sturdy weld. This technique consumes less time and ensures about not welding the unrequired welding metal for the concerned work.

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