Choosing a Plasma Welding and Cutting Machine- A Buyer’s Guide

Dear All,

To answer some questions about how to buy your machine, our buyers guide is accessible for our customer’s convenience. While purchasing any machine, it is precise to take numerous factors for consideration viz. cut capacity and its quality, reliability, ease of use and operating cost. It becomes primitive to decide what type of plasma welding and cutting machine you desire to purchase, suppose like, are you going to device your machine by hand or on a table? Several plasma cutting tools are efficient and skillful at both, from manual to mechanized cutting and back again. Once you recognized what type of plasma welding and cutting machine wished for to give the stamp of acknowledgment, and then proceed towards determining the range of thickness of the material you choose to cut. Practically, it’s a norm to select the cutting machine according recommended cut capacity that meets the thickness of the material so as to cut approximately about 80% of your time consumption. In case, you intent to cut half inch thick material and only occasionally cut metal that is about quarter of an inch then you can prefer a half inch system. Cut quality is yet another essential aspect while buying. Not only does it affects the element of the finished piece but also saves your valuable time in posterior stages of production. It is unambiguous that you want a graceful and gentle edged so you do not need to ruin a lot of time at the auxiliary work. Apparently, besides graceful and gentle cut, plasma cutters has a much narrower kerfs which results into precise cutting and less wasted metal.

air plasma

It is advisable to think over reliability. It is common that most of the parts of plasma and welding cutting machines are designed with fewer parts with at large appliance of software instead of hardware, are mass-produced with ISO standards and scrutinized adequately. Consider a centralized fan configuration to bring cool air in through the center of the system where the most thermally sensitive components are located which results into more efficient and consistent cooling enabling a higher duty cycle.  Some plasma cutters are easier to use than others. Surely, for an experienced operator, ease of use allows working faster and more efficiently, but it also means that people with little or no experience gets good results. If your work requires moving your machines in your shop then, size and weight matters while purchase of machines. Some plasma machines offer you automated adjusts for different voltages and voltage variations which are good if you plan to work off a generator.

Lastly, operating cost is a must factor to look upon while purchasing your appliance. Along with cutting, quality and performance, consumable operating costs also plays an important role.  Plasma appliance durability varies from one brand to another. Prolonged durability reduces down-time for change-outs and lowers the cost you pay for new plasma appliances. To boost the prolonged durability many brands has generated patented technology for delivering high quality cuts.

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