Airplasma :- Pre-Cut Application Usage Checklist

Pre-Cut Application Usage Checklist:

Caution! Summon the follow tips on cutting, before initiating the cutting process. It would be highly disregard if you chose to avoid reading them. Plasma Cutters are undoubtedly easy to handle and use, but it is definitely not meant for a haphazard use. It is most advisable to follow the old saying- “Precautions are better than cure.”

A few final words of advice before cutting:

  • Read the Application usage Manual- Read the owner’s manual and follow appropriate safety procedures and do not avoid wearing safety equipments like helmet, etc. Do not put yourself purposely in a threatening situation- Do not fool yourself!!
  • Check the electrode, shield cup and torch tip- Before commencing the cutting process, analyze the electrode, shield cup and torch tip and replace the worn items, if needed. The worn parts can deliver the poor cutting performances. So better replace them!!
  • Conduct scrutiny of gas/air pressure at the compressor or bottle gauge – Before operating the cutting process, check appropriately the air and gas pressure, also drain the air filter bottle and compressor tank as dry and oil free air will give the best cutting results.
  • Arrange your amperage control: Set the current according to the plate thickness to be cut.
  • Check the connectivity: Place the ground clamp as close to the cut as possible, and place the ground clamp on the work piece itself when possible. Check for any loose connections, between the work cable and the clasp.
  • Take it easy and stay compose: Relax do not tend to hold torch too firmly or hand will shake.
  • Finally start cutting process: Last but not the least, always start cutting from the edge or else it will back fire and molten metal will stick on the cutting nozzle. If cutting has to be started in the middle of the plate then drilling the pilot hole is the best option or else hold the torch in tilted position which will eliminate the risk of back fire. initiate the cutting process carefully and taking the above cutting tips into consideration.

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